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Reimbursement Program

Earn up to $1,000 to Promote CashCourse at Your School

Twice each academic year, CashCourse and the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) provide funds to qualifying projects that promote awareness and use of CashCourse among students enrolled in a particular institution.

To qualify for the Reimbursement Program, a college or university must 1) meet all eligibility requirements, as an institution and in the design of their project; 2) submit a completed application to NEFE by the program deadline; and 3) be selected by CashCourse and NEFE as a program participant.

For approved schools, funds are reimbursed after the completion of the cycle, when all required forms and documentation are submitted. Only expenses for activities completed within the cycle may be reimbursed.

Only one application per school will be funded. We encourage you to collaborate with colleagues across campus on your Reimbursement Program project.

Instructions for the Reimbursement Program Application

The two cycles revolve around the fall and spring semesters. The call for spring cycle applications typically is issued to schools in October with a deadline in December. Fall cycle applications become available in May and are due in June.

For exact deadlines of future Reimbursement Program cycles, please enroll in our mailing list or check the Announcements page at www.cashcourse.org.

Application Steps

  1. Design a CashCourse campaign, activity, program or project for your school, department or campus.
  2. Determine eligible expenses.
  3. Complete the application form. The application must be completed in full, including the amount of money being requested, up to $1,000. Thorough, detailed project summaries are preferred.
  4. Submit your application by email, fax or mail.

Applicant Eligibility

To be eligible for funding, your group must be:

  • A participating and active school enrolled in the CashCourse program. You must have your CashCourse website customized with your school colors and logo and have a visible link to CashCourse from your school’s Web pages.
  • Officially affiliated with the college or university (i.e., a division, department or registered student group).

Eligible Expenses

Expenses will vary by school and project. Design a program you feel will best engage your student body, based on their needs and interests. The following list is provided only as an example of qualifying expenses:

  • Development, production and/or printing of marketing materials (flyers, posters, etc.) promoting the CashCourse website and workshops.
  • Food, prizes or giveaways to incentivize student participation (maximum of $500).
  • Workshop-related expenses (printing materials, rental fees, etc.).
  • Financial support for a student assistant whose job is expressly to promote student use of CashCourse on your campus and/or aid in the planning of CashCourse workshops. (Please note: We cannot pay the student directly; expenses will be reimbursed to the university or department, not to an individual).

Ineligible Expenses

CashCourse is noncommercial, and it’s important that the program is not perceived as partnering, sponsoring or endorsing companies, businesses or products. Because of this, events used to promote CashCourse cannot have corporate sponsorship. Other ineligible expenses are:

  • Printing of "40 Money Management Tips"
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Combining the event with a fee-based program
  • Professional staff wages or speakers’ fees
  • Equipment such as laptop computers

For more information on the Reimbursement Program or for upcoming cycle deadlines, email cashcourse@nefe.org.